TIFF 2013


The Right Kind of Wrong (A Poem)

Jeremiah Chechik, a directing magician Helmed the story to film fruition Surrounding me with a most stellar cast A Canadian crew that were built to last And vistas that take your breath away It's no wonder I'm rhyming today

The Gift Lounges of TIFF

Everyone loves gifts, and companies especially like sharing their products with celebrities and other influencers, hoping to associate their brands with A-listers, and get some all-important media attention. So with every TIFF comes the inevitable swag room: The Gift Lounge. What was up for grabs this year?

TIFF: Are Film Festivals Good for Movies?

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the most high profile film festivals in the world. International stars walk the red carpets, the world press turn its collective eye toward Toronto and, it's hoped, tourist revenues shoot through the roof. But does being a big deal at TIFF really translate into mainstream success? Or to put it another way: do festivalgoers who LOVE movies work the same way as people who simply like them?

Jennifer Aniston Is Worth The Wait

Leave it to Jennifer Aniston to steal the show at TIFF 2013. The former "Friends" star hit up the closing night of the Toronto Film Festival for the red carpet premiere of her film "Life of Crime" on...

The King And Queen Of TIFF

Welcome back to the Toronto Film Festival, Emma Thompson! The 54-year-old Brit was the belle of the TIFF 2013 ball on Thursday when she attended the red carpet premiere of her upcoming film "Love Punc...

TIFF: Why The Husband Became My Favourite Toronto Movie

If you're not a fan of gush, you may as well stop reading now. Sunday was the world premiere of Bruce McDonald's new movie and I can only gush. How would you would feel if your wife cheated on you, just after having your baby? Ok. And what if it was with a fuzzy-lipped, wet-mouthed, sloppy-back-packed adolescent?

Celebs Grin And Bear It With Their Fans

When the celebrities walk the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival, there's an expectation that they greet their fans, pose for photos and give out autographs. While most are happy to do so, someti...