Tim Hudak


What He Promised Doctors, Nurses

ST. CATHARINES, Ont. - Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he'll hand decision making in Ontario's health-care system to doctors and nurses rather than bureaucrats.Speaking at a hospital in...
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The Liberal Government Has Left a Terrible, Inexcusable Legacy For Ontario

Kathleen Wynne's plan promises "only" two more years of deficit spending, with "only" $9 billion in deficit spending for 2015-2016. Then, somehow, two years later, the budget would be balanced, program spending would be the same, and interest payments would be $3 billion higher. Where that money will come from has yet to be explained. A Liberal government under Wynne would introduce yet another tax: this one a payroll tax that would cost each person up to $3420 per year.

Wynne Won't Rule Out Coalition

MARKHAM, Ont. - Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne isn't ruling out teaming up with the New Democrats to form a government if the Progressive Conservatives win the most seats on June 12, but fall short of...

Math? I Know Math

NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. - Tim Hudak was forced to defend his "Million Jobs Plan" for Ontario on Wednesday as a growing number of economists questioned the math behind the promise, which lies at the centre...

Hudak Vows To Axe College Of Trades

PICKERING, Ont. - Ontario's trades-regulating body is a job-killing bureaucracy that he would abolish immediately on becoming premier, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday.Speaking i...