Todd Ross


Byelection A Bellwether For 2015

TORONTO - The New Democrats and Liberals will elect their candidates for the upcoming byelection in a downtown Toronto riding Sunday, setting the stage for an epic battle in the next general election....

Elitism, Arrogance and Lack of Democracy Will Destroy the Liberals

The Toronto Centre nomination for the right to replace Bob Rae as a Liberal MP comes to an end this coming Sunday at a downtown public library. In the spirited nomination battle are three vastly different candidates vying to win the nomination. These candidates include the great community activist Todd Ross, the vibrant Diana Burke and the well accomplished Chrystia Freeland.

Liberals Should Not Rubber Stamp A Nomination In Toronto Centre

Even as a non-Liberal, I am well aware that the only alternative to the Conservatives is not the NDP but the Liberals in 2015. However, the nomination to replace Bob Rae is beginning to worry me as potential candidates are being pushed aside to make way for a "star" candidate from New York. Let me share with you what an open democracy will bring to the race by highlighting one of these great potential candidates. His name is Mark Warner

Todd Ross On The Canada He Wants And What He Is Doing About It

Like the famous Metis proverb -- "If you want to grow strong, never forget your roots" -- Todd Ross has certainly not forgotten his rich and diverse roots. The ambitious activist has truly become one of the most influential advocates for a slew of public issues here at home and abroad. He shares with me the many causes he is involved in, reflects on his aboriginal heritage and his dream for Canada.