Tom Mulcair Poll

Does Mulcair Have a Shot at Unseating Stephen Harper?

Nick Fillmore | Posted 09.16.2016 | Canada Politics
Nick Fillmore

From the very start, the main issue in the federal election race has been as obvious as the beard on Tom Mulcair's face, but it's been largely ignored by mainstream media -- the majority of voters have said in opinion polls that by far the biggest issue for them is to have either the NDP or Liberals emerge as the party that can soundly defeat Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

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Liberal support is the highest it has been since the summer of 2009, when Michael Ignatieff took over the leadership, according to the latest tracking...

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The federal Liberals have topped the Conservatives for the first time in years, with the NDP dropping to third, a new Nanos Research poll suggests. ...

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