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As a Teacher, I'm Not Sorry Your Kids Won't Be Getting Their Report Cards

We teachers have nothing to be sorry about. Despite what the government and school boards say, it's not our fault. It's not our doing. And it's certainly not our choice. Please don't tell me it's because we're asking for more money. Because we're not. Or that we're asking for better benefits. Because we're not. Or even that we're asking for more sick days. Because we're not. The only things we're asking is for is the freedom to use our knowledge as professionals to give your child the best education possible.

The TDSB Wants to Move My Kids to a New School, and I'm Rallying

Recently, parents at Garden Ave Public School in Toronto got a shock -- we were told that our kids would potentially be forced to move to another school just over 1km away, with the TDSB saying they think that distance is not "too far" for JK kids to walk. The school is gorgeous and big but desperately under-populated. Our school is small and hidden and nearly at capacity. Needless to say, we've rallied.

The Toronto District School Board Hates Kids

As reported earlier this week, the fine folks running The Toronto District School Board have been up to a few things which have led me to conclude that they do, in fact, hate kids, or at the very least have some bad ideas on what to do with them. First on the docket was this little number. Now in the perfect world, an all gay school, or one that allows the "free expression of homosexuality" would be awesome, a big step forward as they say. But here's the problem with it. It is, for all intents and purposes, segregation. Removing a visible minority from the public high schools, and placing them in their very own school. Sounds good, but isn't that what they did in Little Rock, AK circa the late 50's. If I recall history class, there were riots and national guard deployments over that. And also note the idea of having an "inclusive society" generally implies having everyone working together, not in their own little sectors.

Madrassah Booted From Toronto School

A Toronto Islamic school that runs weekend classes at a Scarborough, Ont., high school has been barred from teaching there, pending a police investigation into alleged anti-Semitic curriculum material...
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Faith Groups Protest Muslim Prayers In Toronto School

TORONTO - Several faith-based groups plan to protest outside the Toronto District School Board's headquarters today over allowing Muslim prayers in a school.The Jewish Defence League of Canada, the Canadian Hindu Advocacy and the Christian Heritage Group are opposed to a school's decision to allow 300 students to pray in the cafeteria.