Toronto Eaton Centre


Still Not Safe: Expert

A security consultant who worked at the Eaton Centre during the 1990s says the mall appears to have changed little since June's fatal shooting. David Nako says he conducted a survey of the shopping m...

You Can't Stop Crime if You Can't Say Who Is Doing it

What to do about gun violence in Toronto -- or anywhere else, for that matter? Well, contrary to prevailing opinion, there's a lot that can be done. For starters, we (the police and government) should determine who is doing the shooting. Unfortunately, "Profiling" is a taboo word for many, especially human rights zealots who equate "profiling" with bullying or unfairly picking on a portion of the community.

Arrest In Eaton Centre Shooting

TORONTO - An unspecified personal issue apparently sparked the bloody weekend gun rampage that left one man dead and two people badly wounded, including a teen who was shot in the head during a family...

Man Shot Near Eaton Centre In Toronto

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit has been called after a man was shot near the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto. Police confirmed a man was shot in the area of Victoria and Shuter streets around...