The Wrong Kind of Chill During a Heat Wave

In the past few days I have received a number of requests form Toronto Hydro asking me to conserve. So when I went into the Body Shop on Bloor Street in Toronto at midday on Wednesday the 17, the doors were wide open as if they were trying hard to air condition Toronto. I beat up on them to close the doors and they did.
Arthur Dries via Getty Images

How To Stay Cool

If you live in southern Ontario or Quebec, you've probably been sweltering for the last few days. Temperatures have cracked 30 C for most of the week and Friday is going to be just as hot. Worst of al...

50 C?!

With an extreme heat alert in effect, Torontonians are looking for ways to beat the heat. On Wednesday the city broke a 57-year-old heat record. The temperature hit 36.3 C, topping the 36.1 C record...

Toddler Left In Car Rescued

Toronto police and fire crews responded to a vehicle in downtown Toronto on Saturday afternoon to rescue a toddler who had been left inside on a day when temperatures were in the mid-20s. Two women w...

Heat That Can Break Asphalt

Was Toronto's recent heatwave hot enough to fry an egg on the street? Who knows. But it was definitely hot enough to warp a stretch of highway. Two lanes on Toronto's Hwy. 401 at Avenue Road closed T...

The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here Early

It's shaping up to be an intensely hot week over parts of Central Canada, as southern Ontario and southwestern Quebec face a possible heat wave. Temperatures are expected to rise "well into the thirt...

Heat Scorches Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec

CBC — A heat wave continues to scorch Canada from Manitoba to Quebec. In Southern Ontario, Toronto broke a high temperature record. Environment Canada reported temperatures in Toronto reached 35 C at...