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To Police Unions: Stop Protecting Rotten Cops

People like to excuse police violence by claiming that it's just a few bad apples. Perhaps that's true, but then who is electing the police union leaders who make it their job to defend these bad apples? See, here's the thing about bad apples -- if you don't root them out, then the whole barrel will rot.If the police union was really protecting the police force, then they'd be the most outspoken critics of police brutality and unnecessary police-involved shootings. But they're not.

Meet Toronto's Next Top Cop

TORONTO - A 32-year veteran of the Toronto police force became the first black man named to its top job on Monday but said his race doesn't mean he can magically repair the enduring strains with peopl...
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Body Worn Cameras Could Stop Toronto Police From Being Racist

This past fall I was carded by a Toronto police officer near my own neighbourhood. It wasn't my first time. After returning home that day I did some research on the topic of police surveillance and came across Body Worn Cameras (BWC). They would prove that Toronto police disproportionately target minorities and community outrage in the city is justified. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all measure that restores public trust in police. But in Toronto, where there is a clear crisis of distrust between minority communities and police, it becomes clear that police officers might have to wear these Body Worn Cameras to regain some of that trust.

Where The Crime's At In Toronto

Crime hot spots in Toronto appear to be concentrated around the city core and the northwest, police data obtained by CBC News suggests. The crime data for 140 Toronto neighbourhoods over the last sev...