Toronto Streetcar Shooting


Family Sues Toronto Police

The family of Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old gunned down during a confrontation with Toronto police nearly a year ago, has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the Toronto Police Services board,...

Yatim Family Cancels Press Event

TORONTO - The family a young Toronto man fatally shot in an altercation with Toronto police has cancelled a news conference that had been scheduled for this afternoon.In a statement to the media late...

The Week In Review: The Shooting of Sammy Yatim

This week saw Toronto trying to make sense of the fatal shooting by police of a knife-wielding 18-year-old man, Sammy Yatim, on an empty streetcar. Most of us look at the video of the incident and think: How did this happen? The officers would have had ample time to fire had Yatim come at them with the knife, so why do nine shots appear to have been discharged before he came anywhere near them? Surely a failure to obey a police order (Yatim was told repeatedly to drop the knife and did not comply) cannot be considered reasonable grounds for letting loose with a hail of bullets.

Hold Judgment: Police Trainer

In the wake of the public outcry over the shooting of Sammy Yatim on a Toronto streetcar last month, a former police officer who shot and killed a robbery suspect says it's best to wait for the f...

Funeral To Be Held Thursday

TORONTO - The use of police force in the shooting death of a young man in Toronto has prompted Ontario's ombudsman to question whether it is time for the provincial government to review police de-esca...

Body-Worn Cameras Coming?

The weekend shooting by police of a teenager on a streetcar in Toronto raises once again the issue of police and video. That incident was recorded by bystanders but what about police recording their o...

Will We Ever Learn the Whole Truth About Sammy Yatim's Death?

Eighteen-year-old Sammy Yatim was shot nine times, Tasered, and killed by Toronto police early Saturday morning. It is unlikely that many details will emerge any time soon. And if history is an indicator, many of the details may never be known, unless there is a public inquiry. But while members of the police are required, by law, to co-operate with the SIU investigation, there are a great many obstacles that are likely to hamper the SIU's work. Here are some.

Toronto Police Shot First and Tasered Last

By now, you've either seen the Sammy Yatim shooting video -- where an 18-year-old was shot and killed on the TTC -- or heard the story. When something is blatantly unjust, it seems to hit close to home, getting the most cynical engaged and opinionated. One thing's for sure, we need answers and we need them soon. We can't wait for tipping points to engage in emotionally charged dialogue. Something like this can't happen again.