Toronto Zoo Elephants


Canada's Animals Deserve the Five Freedoms

It's time to rethink our relationship with animals. We can begin by demanding effective laws from our governments guaranteeing the Five Freedoms for all animals in Canada. By doing this, animals may begin to become visible to us; they may matter.

Anyone Want To Buy A Zoo?

Mayor Rob Ford is in favour of selling the Toronto Zoo, preferably at a profit for the taxpayers. "I'd love to see us sell the zoo and make money on it if we can," Ford told reporters late Tuesday af...

Don't Pack Your Trunk Just Yet

TORONTO - Wrangling over the transfer of three aging elephants from the Toronto Zoo to a wildlife sanctuary in California persisted Tuesday with each side blaming the other for the problems that have...

The Toronto Zoo's Elephants Won't Forget

The system is being foiled in the case of the proposed and agreed upon plan to send the Toronto Zoo's three remaining African elephants to an elephant sanctuary in California run by PAWS. To some, it seems a predictable case of the bureaucracy -- i.e.: the zoo people who want the prestige of having elephants -- trying to short circuit or sabotage decisions of those who are their bosses.