Train Derailment


Another Train Derailment

NITON JUNCTION, Alta. - Several cars loaded with stone in a Canadian National Railway freight have derailed in west-central Alberta.RCMP say the accident happened around 10:30 p.m. Monday just north o...

Another Train Derails

PINCHER CREEK, Alta. - Several cars in a Canadian Pacific Railway freight have derailed in southern Alberta — the second accident in the region involving a CP train in less than a week.Salem Woodrow,...

Train Derails

SLAVE LAKE, Alta. - Nine cars filled with lumber on a Canadian National train have derailed just west of the main street in Slave Lake, Alta.Resident Steve Anderson says the derailment happened just a...

How Many Trains Must Derail Before We Agree on a Pipeline?

Yet another train derailment involving petroleum products has re-invigorated the debate over how we transport oil in Canada. Reflexive opposition to pipelines flies in the face of the data, which shows that pipelines are safer modes of transport than railways or roadways. Environmentalists engaging in anti-pipeline crusades risk causing more harm than good as their pipeline-stalling actions divert oil transport to rail and road that would otherwise be transported more safely by pipeline.