Transit Police


Sexy Transit Cop's Conduct Under Review

A sexy transit cop who allegedly modelled in kinky dominatrix gear could get spanked for “conduct unbecoming” in a Police Act investigation. Const. Tabatha Swadron recently returned to a desk job afte...


A suspect in a downtown Vancouver bank robbery was arrested on Saturday after trying to make a getaway on public transit. Transit Police were alerted about a robbery at the TD Bank at Howe and Georgia...

Did B.C. Transit Police Sweeten Their Stats?

What if a public company gave one set of sales numbers to its board of directors, another to its shareholders, and a third to its auditors? Would you feel comfortable entrusting the executive of this company with a $29.6 million investment? Incredibly, that's precisely what has happened with the Transit Police.

Time to Stop Vancouver Police Turf Wars (and Save Money)

As regional mayors and the B.C. government consider giving TransLink more access to our tax dollars, they should cut funding to the Transit Police. If someone gets mugged on SkyTrain, the Transit Police either waste a bunch of time arguing with the local police over who gets to investigate, or the local police just won't show up at all.