Travel Safety


How to Keep Your Suitcase Safe While Travelling

While lost and damaged luggage is an unfortunate travel reality, it's getting easier to track down an errant bag half a world away and get it back to you -- relatively quickly. And if you've identified your bag well and have an inventory of the contents, luck may be in your favour. Use these tips to help ensure that even if your bags don't arrive with you, you'll be protected.

How Not to Get Robbed While Abroad

I'm hot, I'm tired, my stomach is arguing with the dosa I had for dinner, and my freaking skin is on fire! And now this 'dude' is bothering me with this nonsense! "No, that's not mine! My money is in my ba-" I drop the end of the word as I look down at my feet to see, not my bag, but empty floor. Passport, wallet, guidebook and camera, all...gone. And that's how I got robbed in India.