Trick or Treat

How To Have A Healthy, Safe (And Green) Halloween

Dr. Alison Chen, ND | Posted 10.31.2016 | Canada Parents
Dr. Alison Chen, ND

There is no shortage of costumes to purchase in our local department or online. However, using your imagination to create your DIY Halloween costume not only engages you and your little one's imagination but can also help you be a little more green this Halloween.

Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Halloween Trick-or-Treaters | Brenna Malmberg | Posted 10.20.2016 | Canada Living

Keep Halloween safe for everyone!

How Old Is Too Old To Trick Or Treat?

The Huffington Post Canada | Alyson Schafer | Posted 10.29.2015 | Canada Parents

Parents often think of adolescence as a time of simply putting up with the annoying and irresponsible behaviours of youth. From that perspective, it w...

How To Celebrate Halloween When You Don't Live In A House

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 10.23.2015 | Canada Living

Condo and apartment dwellers, take note!

What Time Does Trick Or Treating Start?

The Huffington Post Canada | Alyson Schafer | Posted 10.31.2016 | Canada Parents

How early is too early to head out? Alyson Schafer provides some Halloween etiquette.

7 Tips to a Great Gluten-Free, Allergen-Friendly Halloween

Miriam Pearl | Posted 10.05.2016 | Canada Parents
Miriam Pearl

Getting ready for a gluten-free, peanut-free or anything else free Halloween just needs a little more diligence from you with a little extra planning and some close attention to candy ingredients so no one you love gets tricked by treats!

It's Time To Stop Black And Orange Day And Let Schools Celebrate Halloween

Buzz Bishop | Posted 12.30.2014 | Canada
Buzz Bishop

So when the traditional North American holidays roll around, don't expect me to sanitize them. I don't expect my brother-in-law to dial down Hannukah thinking I'd find it offensive. I don't expect my mayor to skip Eid because I don't celebrate it. I look forward to the Chinese New Year parade and so do my kids. They shouldn't stop it because I'm not Chinese.

How the Candy Witch Can Revolutionize Halloween

Rachel Parent | Posted 12.29.2014 | Canada Living
Rachel Parent

Candy can also have a darker side for parents who are trying to keep their kids as healthy as possible, or protect them from allergic reactions by restricting what candy their kids can have. Imagine how the kid feels when they have a food allergy and can't have candy -- seeing other kids reaping the benefits of their trick-or-treating, dumping out their huge bags of candy and sorting through what they got -- it's both sad and frustrating.

Trick-or-Treating is For Kids. Period.

Samantha Kemp-Jackson | Posted 12.28.2014 | Canada Living
Samantha Kemp-Jackson

It's fair to say that many teens love getting something for nothing. Free candy? It fits the bill. And every October 31, they fail to disappoint, showing up at the door, thrusting a bag in the direction of unwitting participants, sometimes without even uttering the agreed request -- sometimes, the words "Trick or Treat" aren't even mentioned.

Halloween Switch Witch: How I Get My Kids to Give Up Candy

Jennifer Carlson | Posted 12.09.2014 | Canada Living
Jennifer Carlson

Obviously I'm not going to try to convince my kids NOT to dress up and miss out on an experience that they look forward to with friends. I'm also not the house that hands out toothbrushes or apples in an effort to deprive the neighbourhood kids of their sugar conquest (no crying on my stoop, thank you).

How My Family Celebrates a Healthier Halloween

Lisa Borden | Posted 12.02.2014 | Canada Living
Lisa Borden

In reality, Halloween produces more boos, eeks, screeches and ding dongs than we should tolerate. From the toxic candy, to the phthalate-laced costumes and the insane amount of waste generated, it's challenging to consider it good, clean fun. Thankfully there are a few things we can do to make sure our kids don't hate us, and our neighbours, family and friends don't ridicule us.

Here's a Tip: Don't Hand Out Fat-Shaming Notes to Kids

Darlena Cunha | Posted 12.31.2013 | Canada Living
Darlena Cunha

Perhaps by now you've seen the letter handed out by a woman in North Dakota to children she deems to be "moderately obese" who she thinks shouldn't be consuming candy this Halloween. There are so many things wrong with this I hardly know where to start.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Halloween

Ward Anderson | Posted 12.30.2013 | Canada Living
Ward Anderson

It's almost All Hallow's Eve and people from age three to age 99 will be dressing up in costume, eating candy, and partying the night away on this spooky, festive occasion. Most people know the history of Halloween at this point but here are five random facts about Halloween you just might not know.

The WORST Halloween Candy?

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 10.17.2013 | Canada Living

Growing up, there was nothing more satisfying than opening your trick or treating pillow case to find piles and piles of chocolate bars, classic candi...

Kids Shouldn't Worry About Halloween Calories

Marci Warhaft-Nadler | Posted 12.16.2013 | Canada Living
Marci Warhaft-Nadler

Kids have started getting excited about the bounty of candy they'll be getting and their parents are getting anxious. There is so much focus being put on the issue of obesity recently that we have become terrified of every calorie and fat gram we consume and are unfortunately, passing this fear on to our kids.

Halloween Candy: Should You Stop Your Child From Trick-Or-Treating

The Huffington Post Canada | Shelley White | Posted 12.24.2011 | Canada Living

For many children, Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Not only do they get to dress up as ghouls or witches or superheroes or ...

She's Too Sexy: How To Handle Halloween Costumes And Your Daughter

The Huffington Post Canada | Shelley White | Posted 12.24.2011 | Canada Living

In the 2004 teen flick Mean Girls, there's a joke about teenage girls and Halloween. Lindsay Lohan's protagonist Cady makes the observation that Hallo...