Trudeau Attack Ads


'This Is The Final Stretch'

OTTAWA - A splashy, campaign-style launch for the government's fall agenda, a surprise tax cut for small business owners, a brand new NDP battle cry and a prime-time speech from Justin Trudeau: welcom...

More Tories Denounce Trudeau Attack

OTTAWA - A growing number of Conservative MPs say they won't mail their constituents the party's latest attack on Justin Trudeau, saying the negative, taxpayer-funded pamphlet is just not their style....

Attack Ads Actually Help Liberals

OTTAWA - Conservative attack ads against Justin Trudeau have turned into a financial boon for the Liberal party.The party raised $336,000 in the 48 hours following Trudeau's landslide victory in the L...

Why Trudeau Attack Ads Are a Waste of Time

It is that very fact that Trudeau's lack of a steely edge -- that will cause attack ads against him to fail to do what they are designed to do. Instead, they will boomerang, fostering sympathy. There may yet be a Trudeau ascendancy. But Harper and the Conservatives would do well to keep their powder dry and their attack ads in the vaults.