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Harper Says He's No Bully

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday that flyers targeting new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau shouldn't be confused with bullying and that the Conservative Party is following the rules on sendin...

Trudeau Comes To Aid Of Tory MPs

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau is riding to the rescue of Conservative backbenchers who feel they're being muzzled by stifling party discipline imposed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.The newly minted Liber...

WATCH: Trudeau's Big Debut

OTTAWA - The box score on Justin Trudeau's rookie debut as Liberal leader in the House of Commons might read as follows:Zero unforced errors, zero home runs, no bases stolen, no opposition high-fives,...

Trudeau, Harper To Face Off

Newly elected Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will face his first test when he appears in question period on Monday, after MPs return to Ottawa following a two-week stretch in their ridings. All eyes w...

Weekend Warriors

OTTAWA - This is the weekend Canadian politics begins gearing up for the next election.In Ottawa, the Liberals will select a new — and likely very different — leader. In Montreal, the Opposition New D...
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Will the Jewish Community Choose Trudeau Over Harper?

In the past two years, Jewish public opinion has rallied heavily behind the Conservative Party. Yet as Justin Trudeau begins his meteoric rise to stardom as the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the question is will the Jewish community now turn its back on Stephen Harper, Jason Kenny, John Baird and all the other Conservatives who have stood firmly with the Israel and the Jewish community?