Trudeau Marijuana

GROOCH: Plants vs. Zombie (CARTOON)

I'm not at all suggesting that the transition required for legalizing marijuana will be an easy road after all too many cheesy twists can cause high cholesterol. I would however like to say that my favorite quote from Mr.Trudeau on this topic is this: "I do not see this as a slippery slope... I see this as an issue of Legislators slowly catching up to where public opinion and public behavior actually is."

Media Bites: Should Trudeau Have Put the "I" in Marijuana?

One of the great fascinations of the marijuana debate is the degree of puritanism we seem to expect from the pro-pot camp. They're supposed to speak in detached, paternalistic tones about why "someone" or "people" or (better yet) "kids" shouldn't be thrown in jail for smoking a bit of weed. Justin Trudeau committed that most untoward breach of modern political etiquette by telling the Huffington Post he smoked pot: self-interestedly advocating the change of a law that he personally breaks. Optically speaking, that doesn't look good. And as we all know, when it comes to Justin, good looks matter.

He's No Dope

OTTAWA - There is method to Justin Trudeau's reefer madness.His willingness to confess his past proclivity for puffing pot is part of a deliberate strategy to brand the Liberal leader as a different k...

The Truth About Toking With Justin Trudeau

There's a video of me speaking at Toronto's Vapor Central in 2009 where I say Justin Trudeau and I have smoked pot together four or five times. I meant that I have only smoked pot on one occasion with Trudeau and four or five times that one evening. But I didn't lie; I meant to reference that Trudeau has smoked pot. I witnessed it in 2003. However, that was then, and this is now. Today, as Liberal Party leader he is doing a terrific job on the issue of marijuana and its legal status. He is advocating the clearest, most rational policy -- legalization -- that I can imagine a Canadian leader putting forth.