University Of Saskatchewan


Big Trouble For Medical School

SASKATOON - There's bad news for the University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine.It has now been officially put on probation by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools.The Coll...

Campus Pipe Ceremony Under Fire

SASKATOON - A controversy has erupted at the University of Saskatchewan over a traditional aboriginal pipe ceremony for which organizers asked women "on their moon time" not to attend.Kevin Flynn, an...

Sheep Hits The Fan In Saskatchewan

REGINA - Advanced Education Minister Don Morgan says it's up to the University of Saskatchewan to determine what number of animals are needed on campus.The university said last week that it will sell...

Does the Canadian Federation of Students Care About Students?

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), a national organization composed of campus student unions, purports to organize students on a "democratic, co-operative basis." When Guelph students wanted to hold a referendum to exit the CFS, they served the CFS with a petition asking for a referendum to be held to decertify. However, the CFS refused to schedule a referendum. Guelph's Central Student Association (CSA) took the CFS to court.

Why Did The Moose Cross The Road?

SASKATOON _ A research project at the University of Saskatchewan will try to determine why moose feel moved to cross rural highways. The study starts this month and will track the movements of 50 moos...
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Hogs Gone Wild On The Prairies

SASKATOON - Ryan Brook is counting some not so little piggies.The University of Saskatchewan researcher is heading the first scientific survey of the province's wild boar population.He hopes to have h...

Accused Hatemonger Gets Away With It

REGINA - A hate charge has been stayed against a former University of Saskatchewan math lecturer because the case took too long to get to trial.Terrence Tremaine was charged in 2008 with wilfully prom...

Earth's Mightiest Air Conditioner?

SASKATOON - An international team led by University of Saskatchewan researchers says small volcanic eruptions could cool the climate.The team says aerosols — minute droplets of sulphuric acid — from r...