Us Fiscal Cliff


Will the U.S. Pull us All Over its Fiscal Cliff?

The U.S. economy is careening toward the so-called fiscal cliff at a frightening pace, and it's creating a lot of concern. Will political sclerosis drive America -- and the world -- to the precipice? If it did, it would be a shame. Consumers are spending at a rapid clip. Housing markets have turned the corner. Is the present whiff of recovery incentive for action?

Fiscal Cliff Poses 'Immediate Risk'

MONTREAL - Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney says the so-called fiscal cliff looming over U.S. lawmakers is the most imminent threat facing the Canadian economy.Carney, speaking in Montreal, said th...

G20 To Address U.S. 'Fiscal Cliff'

Finance ministers from various G20 countries are meeting in Mexico City today to discuss pressing economic issues as the world's largest economy — the U.S. — prepares to elect its next president. Off...