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Business Investment: A Sleeping Giant Awakens?

Investment has been quiet -- almost asleep -- for an inordinate spell. Is it on the way back? A sleeping giant may be on the verge of awakening. When this one does rouse, it's likely to do so in a hurry. Those who are armed and ready to supply business quickly with the machinery and equipment it needs stand to win big in the next cycle.

Canadian Economy Actually Lagging U.S.

PARIS - A leading international economy body says the global economy is beginning to rebound, but Canada is lagging several other members of the Group of Seven countries.The OECD estimates Canada's ec...

Business Investment: Ready to Roll?

The economic and financial meteorite that crashed into the world economy back in 2008 left a massive crater. Since then, policymakers have been scrambling to fill it in. All the while, many have cast a wistful, sardonic or resentful eye at a glaring anti-crater: the mountain of money accumulating on corporate balance sheets.

When it Comes to Finances, Canada is No Role Model

Economically, Canada is doing fine and has taken action to address challenges, but a recent series of events and articles from Washington think tanks claim that the United States can fix its fiscal and economic problems by imitating Canada. Justin Bieber can sing "Never Say Never" forever, but I'll still stick with never.