Tips For Faster Cross-Border Travel

As one of the busiest holiday travel weekends approaches, the Canada Border Services Agency is offering some tips for safe and efficient travel to and from the United States. The agency encourages tr...

I Live By My Packing List...Then My Computer Crashed

I'm a list maker. In fact I love making lists. But as time and luck would have it my computer crashed two days before we left on vacation and I couldn't access any of my packing lists. Later when the absence of water shoes resulted in a clam shell injury to one of my daughters' feet, we realized that the first aid kit, newly loaded with all sorts of band-aids, ointments and first-aidy stuff, was left sitting on the kitchen counter.

Business Or Pleasure?

OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says Canadians travelled more for pleasure in the third quarter last year, compared with the same quarter in 2011.The agency says Canadians took 6.5 million overnight trips...