Utoya Island

No Helicopter, A Sinking Boat... And A Gunman On An Island

CP | Posted 09.25.2011 | Canada

OSLO - When Anders Behring Breivik launched his assault on the youth campers of Utoya Island, he expected Norway's special forces to swoop down and st...

Canadians Shocked By Mention In Norway Suspect's Manifesto

CP | Posted 09.24.2011 | Canada

Several Canadians were stunned Monday at learning the suspect in the bombing and shootings in Norway last week had referenced them in his lengthy diat...

Parts Of Gunman's Manifesto Copies Of Unabomber Writings

The Canadian Press | Posted 09.23.2011 | Canada

DENVER - Parts of the manifesto written by the suspect in Norway's terrorist attack were taken almost word for word from the writings of "Unabomber" T...

Manifesto Of A 'Madman'

The Canadian Press | Posted 09.23.2011 | Canada

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OSLO - To Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway explosion and shootings that killed at least 93 people were a "marketing method" fo...

Beyond Condemnation, Condolences and Candlelight Vigil: Time to Act Against Terrorism

Aditya Jha | Posted 09.22.2011 | Canada
Aditya Jha

We have pockets in the world that gives value to the currency of terrorism. How can the international community make those who have the currency of terrorism directly or indirectly pay?

Tragedy in Oslo: Death and Stereotypes

Hina P. Ansari | Posted 09.22.2011 | Canada
Hina P. Ansari

Even before the haze of crushed metal and shattered glass settled, the words "jihadists", "Al-Qaeda" and "Muslims terrorists" were immediately and forcefully placed as top billing as the culprits of the crime. Case closed. End of discussion. Sound familiar?

At Least 91 Dead In Norway Attacks

The Canadian Press | Posted 09.22.2011 | Canada

THE CANADIAN PRESS — OSLO - Police arrived at an island massacre about 1.5 hours after a gunman first opened fire, slowed because they didn't have q...