Vancouver Bike Lanes

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In Praise Of The Upright Bike

There are many other policy implications that come with the spread of slower, safer city bikes -- here in B.C., a big one is around mandatory helmet laws. Many such laws were passed at a time when fast, forward-leaning cycling was the norm, and safe bike infrastructure was virtually non-existent. When drifting along at a walking pace, in an upright position, on a dedicated cycle track, the notion of legally requiring head protection certainly changes.

City of Vancouver Addicted To Debt

It's important to remember that the city, like the rest of us, has to pay interest on debt in addition to repaying the principal. With more money going to service past debt (interest plus principal), less is available for important municipal services such as garbage collection and policing. That means Vancouverites also "pay" for debt indirectly through reduced services.
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Vancouver Election Has Bigger Issues Than Bike Lanes

I felt compelled to see these protestors in person. A younger, more angsty self would have wanted to mock and troll them, literally ride circles around them and ring my bell. But I'm older and more chill now, and really I just wanted to see if they were real, if their hearts were in it or if they were just NPA hacks, and if they were as homogeneously old, white, and wealthy as they appeared in pictures.

Court Puts Brakes On Kits Bike Path

VANCOUVER - A B.C. Supreme Court order is putting the brakes on the City of Vancouver's plan to build a bike path through a city park.The lawyer for an opponent of the path confirms an injunction has...

Kits Beach Bike Lane Protested

People living around Vancouver's Kitsilano Beach Park are protesting plans for a bike lane in the popular park, but the park board says it isn't backing down. Several hundred protesters turned out Su...


VANCOUVER - City councillors in Vancouver have voted in favour of spending at least $6 million of taxpayers' money on a new bike-share program.The program has been in the works for five years and will...
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Not Matter Of Bikes vs. Cars

There's too much pitting of self-described "drivers" and "cyclists" against each other. Most North American families are actually multi-modal - they drive, walk, and probably take transit and bike in at least certain circumstances, if not routinely. Certainly many who cycle, also drive, and visa versa. We need a more sophisticated discussion about how we get around in cities, and it starts with this -- it's not about loving your bike. It's about loving what biking does for cities.

Bike Riding Up In Vancouver

Bicycle use is up 26 per cent over the last three years in Metro Vancouver while bus trips are up 17 per cent, according to figures released by TransLink. The figures, which were included in the 2013...

Vancouver Bringing Cars To Heel

The City of Vancouver is seeking public input on its future transportation plan, which includes more pedestrians, bikes and buses than cars. At a news conference Monday morning, the city outlined its...