Vancouver Olympics


Case Closed

VANCOUVER - Former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong says the RCMP have closed an investigation into allegations of sexual assault against him by a former student and found no evidence to support cri...

Requesting Thousands In Security

VANCOUVER - A freelance journalist who wrote an article alleging former Vancouver Olympic CEO John Furlong verbally and physically abused British Columbia students in the 1960s and '70s asked a judge...

Media Blitz

TORONTO - The man who organized the Vancouver Olympics is seizing a "pivotal moment" in a sexual abuse allegation scandal and holding it out for all Canadians to see in a bid to clear his name.But, no...

Abuse Allegations Dropped?

VANCOUVER - The man who organized the Vancouver Olympics says he's been cleared by police of sexual-abuse allegations brought by a former student, though the RCMP says the file remains open.The allega...
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Diversity at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games

Toronto's 2015 Pan/ParaPan Am Games is in the process of asking the public to help it choose a mascot design. We are only just over two years away from what will surely be a movement of sportsmanship. Toronto's 2015 PAN AM Games is intent on leaving a legacy found in the essence of human diversity.

The Woman Who Can Levitate a Chair With Her Mind

Ariel Garten, co-founder and CEO, InteraXon, a thought-controlled computing company based in Toronto, has managed to beautifully blend the worlds of science, art, business and technology. Often referred to as the "Brain Guru," her innovative technology harnesses the power of brainwaves to control objects and create experiences, from gaming to making a chair levitate.
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A Look at the London Olympics From a Vancouverite Who Can Sympathize

When the royal "we" of Vancouver got behind the 2010 Olympic bid, the movement adopted a slogan. Something along the lines of: "Let's invite the world in." I wasn't so sure that that was a good idea. Vancouver was, to me at least, a nice little secret. While there were definitely enjoyable times, my political spidy-sense is still unsettled about the whole thing. It's unbelievable how much money was spent on frivolous aesthetics during that period that could easily have helped a lot of suffering people here if put toward social infrastructure.

My Dual Loyalties Problem

As a Canadian living in Washington, D.C., with a green card and an American-born son, hockey has been a means for me to emotionally gain entry to a foreign land -- a sporting way for a man to fortify the ideas and habits that define patriotism.

Rob Ford Was Right Not to Pursue the 2020 Olympics

When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford decided not to pursue the 2020 Olympics, many believed it would be a good way to convince senior levels of government to pay for infrastructure expansion. However, as we have learned from Montreal and Vancouver, the cost of hosting the games is immense.