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Stop Fighting Higher, Denser Developments, Vancouver

For such a real estate rich city, Vancouverites have some fairly backwards attitudes, witnessed most recently in the vehement and emotional outbursts opposing high-density developments along transit lines. But what's wrong with a 20-storey tower? We need to think bigger and higher because in 20 years, we'll be standing outside the station on Cambie and looking at little 4-storey buildings and asking why we didn't.
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Transit Referendum Coming

VICTORIA - British Columbia's transportation minister says he's preparing to introduce legislation that paves the way for a Vancouver-area transit-funding referendum tied to municipal elections in Nov...
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'Dumbest Public Policy Award' Is A Compliment

Given that a time-consuming legal review will be required before a border toll can be implemented, it almost certainly won't be on the November ballot. But given the climate crisis, it is essential that we provide ways for people to get around and avoid burning so much fossil fuel. Taxes on high-carbon fuels to provide better low-carbon transit is one of the better ways to accomplish this, and a border toll is an effective mechanism to reduce carbon tax avoidance.

Transit Harassment On The Rise

Transit police say sexual harassment on buses and SkyTrains is on the rise, and they are trying to find ways to encourage more women to come forward and report the incidents.                       Sp...
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No More Free Rides For Police

TransLink is scrapping a program that provides free transit for police, fire and rescue personnel on B.C.'s south coast. The change, which comes into effect on July 1, means an end to years of free b...
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Not Matter Of Bikes vs. Cars

There's too much pitting of self-described "drivers" and "cyclists" against each other. Most North American families are actually multi-modal - they drive, walk, and probably take transit and bike in at least certain circumstances, if not routinely. Certainly many who cycle, also drive, and visa versa. We need a more sophisticated discussion about how we get around in cities, and it starts with this -- it's not about loving your bike. It's about loving what biking does for cities.