Vegetarian Recipes

Fiesta Tempeh Taco Bowls

Lindsay Pleskot | Posted 03.13.2017 | Canada Living
 Lindsay Pleskot

For meat eaters or plant-loving vegans alike, tempeh is a great protein option to throw into the mix to keep things interesting. I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like a good taco. Put that into bowl format and you really can't go wrong!

Crispy Black Pepper And Maple Tofu And Snap Pea Stir-Fry

Lindsay Pleskot | Posted 01.10.2017 | Canada Living
 Lindsay Pleskot

After a season of indulgent meals, appies, drinks, breakfasts and everything else you can name, sometimes a good plant-based meal just feels right. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, or like me eat a bit of everything, there is no denying the goodness or plant foods.

30 Meatless Mains To Serve On Christmas Day

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 12.15.2016 | Canada Living

Filling and delicious!

Savour Your Mornings: Quick Oats 3 Ways

Lindsay Pleskot | Posted 11.24.2016 | Canada Living
 Lindsay Pleskot

Especially over the winter, I love a hot breakfast and I just always seem to gravitate to more savoury combos like avocado toast or anything involving poached eggs and prosciutto. Oats are such a great way to start the day and these combos will have you energized and ready to take the morning!

The Ultimate Vegetarian Recipe Guide | Posted 10.19.2016 | Canada Living

Calling all vegetarians...this one's for you! We know how tricky it can be to whip up something packed with protein and super satisfying that will leave you feeling full. Eating vegetarian doesn't have to be restricted to soups and salads (although they can be delicious and filling). Lucky for you, we've got recipes that are hearty, delicious and easy to make. At last, a list of tasty recipes that even the most opposing meat-eaters and non-meat eaters will agree upon for lunch or dinner.

37 Meatless Meals To Serve On Thanksgiving

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 10.06.2016 | Canada Living

Including vegan options!

28 Soups That Taste Better Than The Store-Bought Stuff

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 01.25.2016 | Canada Living

Step away from that cup-a-soup.

20 Filling Recipes That You Won't Feel Bad About

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 01.13.2016 | Canada Living

Because eating healthy doesn't mean living off salad.

Zucchini Recipes: Zoodles Will Keep You Satsified For Hours

Carolyn Berry | Posted 05.09.2015 | Canada British Columbia
Carolyn Berry

Zoodles are a great way to get in more veg and fiber. Yes! Two things that us dietitians are always harping on people about.

One Full Week Of Vegetarian Dinners For Meat Lovers

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 02.25.2015 | Canada Living

If you're in the mood for extending your Meatless Monday tradition for a full week, let's start with meat-less versions of your favourite carnivorous ...

Follow These Steps to Make the Perfect Green Smoothie

Dr. Rhea Mehta | Posted 04.04.2015 | Canada Living
Dr. Rhea Mehta

Juice bars are popping up everywhere, offering "healthy" juices and smoothies to aid in weight loss and help with energy and longevity. Before you completely buy into the green smoothie craze, it's important for you to know how to distinguish between a healthy green smoothie and an unhealthy one.

18 Meaty Meals Made Without Meat

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 03.09.2015 | Canada Living

It may be hard to imagine something like chicken noodle soup or barbecued chicken wings without the meat, but let us assure you it can be done. Wi...

THANKSGIVING SIDES: Recipe for you-won't-miss-the-meat vegetarian gravy

CP | Alison Ladman, The Associated Press | Posted 01.05.2015 | Canada Living

In case there is any doubt, let's clear this up: You don't have to eat meat to crave gravy at Thanksgiving.But unfortunately for vegetarians, much of ...

15 Vegetarian Dishes Even The Haters Won't Complain About

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 10.01.2014 | Canada Living

World Vegetarian Day may seem like just another day for those of you who are true vegetarians (yes, sans seafood), but Oct. 1 is all about celebrating...

Delicious Superfood Recipes For Tomato, Kale And Coconut

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 07.06.2014 | Canada Living

Here are three recipes to try from "The Book of Kale and Friends" by Sharon Hanna and Carol Pope.Roasted Tomato Cobbler With ThymeInspiration for this...

You Can't Beet This Beet Pesto Pasta Recipe

Carolyn Berry | Posted 05.25.2014 | Canada British Columbia
Carolyn Berry

This may be the first time I've used the word "stunning" to describe a pasta dish, but oh wow, look at that colour! This dish gets me really excited. Many pasta sauces are high in salt (tomato-based sauces) or high in fat (cream-based sauces), but not this one, thanks to the beets.

40 Years Later, Moosewood Cookbook Remains Icon Of Vegetarian Movement

CP | Michele Kayal, The Associated Press | Posted 11.26.2013 | Canada Living

In the bearded, Birkenstocked '70s, the Moosewood Restaurant in upstate New York was more than a vegetarian eatery. It was the standard-bearer of a mo...

Recipe: Cauliflower and Cheese Cakes

Mennonite Girls Can Cook | Posted 06.30.2013 | Canada Living
Mennonite Girls Can Cook

We have a new favourite vegetable side dish over here: cheesy cauliflower cakes. They are delicious, nutritious, and come with a bit of heat. Try them. I think you'll like them.

Vegetarian Movement No Longer About The Birkenstocks

CP | Michele Kayal, The Associated Press | Posted 06.25.2013 | Canada Style

Not so long ago, there was a certain image associated with being vegetarian. It usually involved Birkenstocks, lentil loaf and an agenda.There still a...

Peas and Thank You: Lemon And Peas Brown Rice Risotto

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 05.21.2012 | Canada Living

This version of risotto boasts a refreshing lemon tang complemented with seasonal spring ingredients. Short-grain brown rice gives this dish a slightl...