Via Rail Terror Plot

John Woods/CP

American Involvement In Canadian Terror Cases Must Be Questioned

Aaron Driver died in obscure and tragic circumstances, and we may never know what really happened to him. Nevertheless, asking questions and demanding answers can help us to learn from the past and move forward. Linking the case of Aaron Driver to the question of radicalization is a simplistic and misleading narrative. Demanding answers about the FBI's role in his death, however, is more crucial than ever.

Via Rail Plotters Sentenced Today

TORONTO - Two men found guilty of eight terrorism charges after being accused of plotting to derail a train between Canada and the U.S. aren't likely to be sentenced before July, a Toronto court heard...

Jury Reaches Verdict In Via Terror Trial

TORONTO - A Toronto jury working to overcome an impasse in their deliberations asked Thursday to revisit a portion of evidence heard at the trial of two men accused of plotting to derail a passenger t...

How Canada Should Fight Terrorism

This week, Canadians observed the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism. For Sikh Canadians and Jewish Canadians alike, the Day of Remembrance has particular resonance. That our two communities have shared experience in facing terrorism was pointedly on display during the 2008 Mumbai attack.

Via Terror Case Inches Forward

TORONTO - The case against two terror suspects accused in an alleged plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train will enter its next stage in September.Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser appeared in court...

Via Rail Considers Tougher Security

OTTAWA - Taking a train in Canada could soon become more like boarding an airplane as Via Rail considers greater scrutiny of checked baggage, more inspections by sniffer dogs and security checks on pa...

VIA Rail Terror Suspects In Court

TORONTO - A man charged in an alleged plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train says he wants to be represented by a lawyer who agrees the Qu'ran should be used as a "reference" in his case.Chiheb Ess...

'A Very Good Boy'

The mother of one of the two suspects accused of trying to carry out an al-Qaeda-supported plot to derail a Via Rail passenger train for almost a year doesn't believe the charges against her son, sayi...

Harper: Let's Not 'Commit Sociology'

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this is not the time to "commit sociology" when asked about the arrests of two men this week who are accused of conspiring to carry out a terrorist attack on a Via t...

Harper: Let's Not 'Commit Sociology'

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper says now is not the time to "commit sociology" in response to the arrests of two men accused of conspiring to attack a Via Rail train.The prime minister last week criticized Li...

Tiny Mosque In The Spotlight

MONTREAL - There were some moments of friction Tuesday outside a tiny Montreal mosque where a man charged with terrorism used to occasionally pray.Chiheb Esseghaier is facing several terrorism charges...