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Border Security: Exploiting Immigrants for Canadian Reality TV

Rachel Décoste | Posted 05.19.2013 | Canada Politics
Rachel Décoste

Questions were raised in the 1990s when home videos of homeless Americans baited to fight one another for a mere $50 were put on the market. I took solace in trusting Canada was so much better than that. We would never stoop that low. I was wrong. Our own federal government (approved by the Prime Minister's Office) put their stamp of approval on a "misery for reality TV" show. Lowly undocumented workers, desperate to leave their horrible homelands to start a new life in the 11th best country in the world, are now fodder for the cable television subscribers' amusement. It's a corporate venture to garner ratings and valuable advertising dollars under the cloak of "promotion of Canada's commitment to border security."

Warning/Attention: You Are Under Surveillance in Canada

Rachel Décoste | Posted 02.03.2013 | Canada Politics
Rachel Décoste

Trudeau's Protection of Privacy Act made it illegal for people to use wiretaps and other forms of electronic devices without a person's consent. The law has since evolved, but its spirit still resonates with Canadians. That explains the widespread wince last winter, following Vic Toews' tabling of an "online snooping bill" that put an electronic prisoner's bracelet on every Canadian. And members of the LGBT community were left disturbed and frightened when a GLBT-themed message from the minister's office landed in their email inbox in September. The Harper government's Orwellian strategies constitute an affront on the Canadian way of life and the freedoms we all cherish.

A Probe To Nowhere?

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WATCH: Anonymous Launches New Attack Against Toews

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Toews Hints At Trudeau's Involvement In Vikileaks

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Toews Surprised By Content Of Online Surveillance Bill

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Anonymous Demands Vic Toews' Resignation

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Vikileaks Shut Down

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Twitter Account Attacking Toews Linked To House Of Commons

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Toews' Privacy Attacked On Twitter

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