Canada Is Run By a Gay Mafia, And Other Tabloid Trash

Care of VICE Magazine, there's a fresh crackpot theory to add to the media mix! Did you know the Harper government is actually a branch of the gay mafia? The author, who prides himself on having excellent gaydar, thinks the Harper administration is full of homosexuals. He says this in lots of silly ways -- the prime minister's cabinet "seems about as straight as an episode of Glee," for instance. It's a titillating conclusion for which he provides absolutely zero evidence.

The Anonymous Member Who Broke the Steubenville Rape Case

Yesterday, news broke that the FBI raided the home of Deric Lostutter in April. Deric is most famously known as KYAnonymous, the Anonymous operative who leaked a video where the young men who were later convicted of raping an unconscious teenager girl in Steubenville, Ohio were bragging about what they did in a disgustingly proud manner.

The War in the Gaza Strip Goes Cyber

As military strikes between Israel and Gaza continued with the deaths of 11 Palestinian civilians on Sunday, a complicated Internet battlefront has appeared. There is an unprecedentedly transparent wave of social media propaganda by both sides.

Now That I'm a Mom, I'm Less Vice and More Economist

Pondering the genesis of hipsterdom, I often trace it back to Vice, and the importance they laid on the concept of "cool." I mean, Vice didn't invent it, they just presented a pre-existing sub-culture in a consumable format. And yeah: back then, I understood what Vice was because I was living it. But it's not 1997. After having a kid, I was admittedly nervous about having a full-colour, glossy magazine showing stylized images of syringes, used condoms and blood-soaked models lying around the house.