Week 15: When the #$%^ to Fit in a Workout?!

I've decided to make a bold move. I blotted out two hours from my schedule in the middle of the day. I set Outlook for "Out of Office" during these chunks of time and it took about two weeks for everyone who needs to schedule time with me to settle and react. Today I remembered to bring a comb. It's the little things you need to plan for.

Week 14: It's Only One Pound but I'll Celebrate it

So it occurs to me, how does one celebrate a small achievement like losing a pound? There are always a steady stream of stories about people who continue to endure day after day with so much more pain and suffering. And here I am, some schmuck who -- wooptie doo -- lost one freakin' pound.

Rob Ford Can't Lose Weight

Rob Ford can't seem to keep his weight below 310 pounds. After skipping last week's weigh-in, Toronto's mayor stepped on the scales Monday to find he had gained 3 lbs. in two weeks. The Mayor now wei...

Week 9: Climbing Back on the Diet Wagon

You start a diet, you do moderately well, and then you completely fall off the wagon at a bar mitzvah party. By the end of the evening you find yourself up on a moral's charge involving two underage slices of cake. Worse, a week later, you learn that that one night of debauchery has cost you an entire week's worth of weight loss.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Suffers Diet Setback

Rob Ford's weight loss plan stalled for a second straight week on Monday. After gaining two pounds last week, Toronto's Mayor failed to lose anything this week and may have even gained a bit of weight...

Toronto Mayor Rob Fords Packs On The Pounds

Rob Ford's weight is up. After losing two pounds last week, Toronto's mayor gained them both back, weighing in at 310 pounds on Monday, according to CityNews. TWITTER REACTS TO ROB FORD'S WEIGHT GAIN...

Fat Chance Rob Ford, Diets Don't Work

Though Toronto's mayor has lost 16 pounds in week two of his program, dieting only helps short-term. When treatment stops, the weight comes back -- always -- there are few (if any) known exceptions to this rule of nature. Cutting back calories and increasing activity addresses the symptoms of obesity -- not its causes.