West Nile Virus


Toronto Confirms West Nile Death

TORONTO - Toronto Public Health says an 80-year-old man has died of West Nile virus, in the city's first confirmed death due to the mosquito-borne virus this season.A spokeswoman says the man, whose n...

The Healthy Benefits to Cold Weather

Most of Canada and parts of the United States has been gripped in a cold snap that has seen temperatures dip below -40ºC in some places. While we may have little enjoyment from this forecast, in terms of germs and pests, this may actually be good news.

West Nile Cases Spike In Ontario

TORONTO - New West Nile virus counts for Ontario show the province has already had the worst year for the illness since 2002.The weekly report from Public Health Ontario says the province's case count...

West Nile Virus: The Sequel

Hollywood is not the only place with an increasing their number of sequels. While returning health villains, like West Nile Virus and "Swine Flu 2" continue to represent only a minority of worldwide infections, the future is looking rather glum. There are certain to be more germs that will re-emerge and send us all into a frenzy worthy of a blockbuster's opening day weekend.

First West Nile Cases This Year?

TORONTO - Toronto public health officials say two people in the city may have West Nile virus.They say an 80-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman are the first two "probable" human cases in the city s...

West Nile Mosquitoes Hit Record High

Toronto Public Health says the number of mosquitoes found to have West Nile virus is at a record high this summer, likely due to the warm weather. "This year the risk seems to be a bit higher than wh...

West Nile Reported In Toronto

TORONTO - Public health officials in Toronto and St. Catharines, Ont., are reporting finding mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus.Toronto Public Health says it received a laboratory report today indica...