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The Penny's Dead, Is The Nickel Next?

OTTAWA - As the penny is set to begin retirement next month, there are already calls to put the nickel out to pasture as well.The Royal Canadian Mint starts collecting one-cent coins on Feb. 4 for mel...

2012's Tech Trends

TORONTO - Another year, another iPhone. More surprisingly, Apple fans were tempted with not just one new iPad, not two, but three, including the latest mini-sized tablet.Research in Motion released ne...

Canada's Auto Industry Is Rocking Out

OTTAWA - Canada's vehicle manufacturers are poised to have their most profitable year in a decade in 2012, according to the Conference Board of Canada.The Ottawa-based economic forecaster estimates th...

Why Email Needs a Facelift

For almost as long as email has existed, people have complained about getting too many emails. We celebrate inbox zero as if we just gave birth to a new child. While some lauded the arrival of the first BlackBerry, many saw it as a digital manifestation of the ball and chain that would shackle them to their office.

Google Doodles A Canadian Icon

TORONTO - The anniversary of the first launch of the Canadarm 31 years ago is being celebrated on Google.ca with a doodle.The image on Google Canada's home page depicts an astronaut floating in space...