Wildlife Poaching

Admitted Poacher Has No Place In Canada's Top Rodeo Association

Peter Fricker | Posted 06.03.2016 | Canada British Columbia
Peter Fricker

One of the CPRA's board directors, Cody Cassidy, doesn't seem to afford wildlife "proper care and management." In fact, Mr. Cassidy pleaded guilty to several poaching-related charges in July of last year, according to the Red Deer Advocate.

The Big Contribution Chinese Ancient Beliefs Have On Animal Extinction

Sangita Iyer | Posted 06.16.2013 | Canada Impact
Sangita Iyer

Asiatic Bears are farmed for their bile juice -- a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) -- alleged to fight fever, cleanse the liver, and improve vision. There is no scientific evidence to substantiate these claims. But the bears are not the only victims of such inhumane practice, more than 1800 animals are used in TCM drugs.

Canada Could Be a Leader in Anti-Wildlife Poaching

Sangita Iyer | Posted 06.01.2013 | Canada Impact
Sangita Iyer

The Conservative government could have taken a much bolder stance on wildlife poaching, especially given the recent Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA). Canada has even more power to coerce China into bringing forth sweeping changes to it's treatment of animals and the environment.