Wind Farm


Vermont Wind Farm Site Meets Occupation of Its Own

While OWS entered it's second week of high-profile coverage, an occupation of a very different kind began taking place in Vermont. Concerned citizens have worked together to oppose Green Mountain Power's bid to clear-cut 134 acres of ridge top to install 21 industrial wind turbines in this environmentally-sensitive area.

'Wind Farm Ruined Our Health'

TORONTO - A southwestern Ontario family is suing over a wind farm they claim is damaging their health.The Michaud family of Thamesville claims they have suffered vertigo, nausea and sleep disruption c...

Wind Power: A Quiet Solution to Climate Change

Is the fear and anxiety being spread about the sound of wind power justified? For better or for worse, we have adapted to a life of auditory extremes, so it's a bit confusing then that one of quieter things we build -- windmills -- are said to be the subject of great handwringing and upset.