Squash Star Faces Deadly Deportation

A squash star who fled to Canada to escape the Taliban in Pakistan is facing deportation and fears for his life. Asif Khan Khalil, 20, could be sent back to his native country on Sunday unless his la...

Why Canadian Cities Should Look to Phoenix

Municipal politicians are in positions in which they may abuse the public trust. These controversies should be a launching point for a broad discussion of how to improve municipal governance. Canadian cities need a new model, and for accountability, transparency, and efficiency, there is no better governance model than that in Phoenix, Arizona.

Trudeaumania 2.0 Hits Winnipeg

Justin Trudeau, a candidate for leadership of the federal Liberal Party, was in Winnipeg Saturday to speak to party faithful. Trudeau addressed supporters at an event at the Punjab Banquet Hall. In...

$15 Million Up In Flames

WINNIPEG - Fire investigators pored through the charred, twisted remains of the Speedway International fuel plant Tuesday as a worker recalled seeing a huge ball of fire erupt into the sky — the start...

Cool Your Jets

None of the top executives involved in the NHL's collective bargaining negotiations will continue to be paid if the league enacts a lockout next week.Donald Fehr, the executive director of the NHL Pla...

A Vaccine To End All Flu Shots?

Researchers in Canada and the U.S. are testing a vaccine that could protect people from influenza for their entire lives, eliminating the need for annual flu shots. Clinical trials are underway on a...

Canada's Most Creative Cities

In this exclusive excerpt for HuffPost from Richard Florida's new book, the author reveals that scientists and engineers, architects and designers, artists and entertainers and the growing ranks of professional knowledge workers -- what he labels as The Creative Class" -- now number more than five million in Canada, or roughly 30 per cent of the workforce. So where do they live?

Serial Killer's Handiwork?

Winnipeg police continue to conduct ground searches in the West End and downtown as part of their investigation into an alleged serial killer in the city. Officers from missing persons, canine and pa...
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What Rob Lowe Really Meant by Winnipeg Being a "Hellhole"

I'm originally from Winnipeg and I have Twitter. So, when I read the headline "Rob Lowe calls Winnipeg a Hellhole," I was a little upset. When I read that Lowe actually made the comment while he was in a bar and the local TV station -- which was actually from North Dakota -- cut to a civic election while the Thunder were whupping the Heat... well, when I read that, I just kind of laughed.

Rob Lowe Calls Winnipeg Hell Hole

WINNIPEG - It seems hell hath no fury like a city that feels it's been called a hellhole by a Hollywood actor.Rob Lowe, in Winnipeg to shoot a made-for-TV movie, has stirred up anger after writing a m...

Manitoba Sex Suspect Arrested In Spain

WINNIPEG - A man accused of sexual assaulting three boys in Manitoba in the 1980s has been arrested overseas after a police hunt that led through England, Ireland and finally Spain.Police say Iain Ken...
Winnipeg is Canada's seventh largest city, with a population of 633,451 (2006 Census), and the capital of Manitoba. An aboriginal trading centre before the arrival of the Europeans, Winnipeg was central to Canada’s fur trade. Two major rivers, the Red and Assiniboine, meet in the centre of city at The Forks. Winnipeg boasts its own ballet company, a symphony orchestra, a major folk festival, the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers and The Winnipeg Jets, the city's beloved NHL team that returned in 2011.