Chief Rejects Air Canada Apology

WINNIPEG - The head of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs says the group does not accept Air Canada's apology over a memo about a decision to stop using downtown Winnipeg hotels for crew layovers.Grand C...

Any Voters in Manitoba Still Awake?

The media couldn't even keep its eyes open during the Manitoba election campaign, only occasionally looking below the surface of the promises and policies. Then again, the resurrected NHL Winnipeg Jets were beginning their pre-season games and the Bombers were in first place. The media can only do so much.

Brian Sinclair Was 'Ignored to Death'

'Medicalization' is the term used by sociologists to describe the tendency to understand aspects of social life as medical issues requiring intervention and control on the part of medicine. In Sinclair's case, he became stigmatized as a homeless person -- mentally ill, an addict.
Winnipeg is Canada's seventh largest city, with a population of 633,451 (2006 Census), and the capital of Manitoba. An aboriginal trading centre before the arrival of the Europeans, Winnipeg was central to Canada’s fur trade. Two major rivers, the Red and Assiniboine, meet in the centre of city at The Forks. Winnipeg boasts its own ballet company, a symphony orchestra, a major folk festival, the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers and The Winnipeg Jets, the city's beloved NHL team that returned in 2011.