Winter Olympics


Why Would Anyone Want To Host the Winter Olympics?

What country in its right mind would willingly and consciously walk into a Winter Games with the possibility of anything even reaching toward $50 billion on its table? The Sochi Games gave everyone else a chance to think about it for a second, and once you do it's sort of like being sober in a club where all your friends are buying bottle service... you can only get so drunk.

Using the Olympics to Help Your Kids Learn a "Gold Medal" Attitude

My family had a serious case of Olympic fever. Along with many Canadians, the winter games have become a permanent fixture on our television screen, and a major topic of discussion around the dinner table. The Olympics present valuable learning opportunities for adults and children of all ages. Parents can use these great learning opportunities to foster "a gold medal attitude" for children.

5 Lessons for My Kids From the Sochi Olympics

Canada is a country where you are free to be who you are and where you can express love to those around you without fear. You can practice your faith and express your views openly. You are receiving an excellent public education and when you are hurt, you can receive the health care you need. Wherever you travel, continue to stand on guard for the ideals and values that our flag - the one that our athletes wore throughout the competition - represents throughout the world.

Canada Wins Gold

SOCHI, Russia - Canada captured a historic fourth Olympic gold medal in women's hockey Thursday with a 3-2 overtime win over the United States in a thrilling championship final.The only other women's...

Why I'm an Olympic Atheist

Amid the medal counts, terror threats and Norwegian curling flare lies the notion that the Olympics make the world a better place. Any sense of togetherness or egalitarianism at the 2012 London Games, for instance, certainly did not apply to the podium. Only 85 of the 204 countries with Olympic committees won medals. If we look at what Olympism has yielded for some of the countries most in need of peace and goodwill, the picture is even less inclusive. The reason the Haitian earthquake orphan will not make it to the Olympics is probably not because she doesn't believe staunchly enough in her dreams.


Alexandre Bilodeau is back home less than a week after taking the Olympic gold in men’s freestyle moguls skiing in Sochi, Russia. Bilodeau was greeted by his fiancée, his trainer and friends at Montr...

Better Late Than Never For B.C.

VICTORIA - The rainbow flag representing gay pride will be raised today at British Columbia's legislature.Provincial politicians are unanimous in their support of flying the flag.Vancouver New Democra...

Better Late Than Never For B.C.

For the first time ever, the rainbow flag will fly in front of the legislature in Victoria, making B.C. the last province to raise the rainbow flag since the Olympics began in Sochi, Russia on Friday....
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SOCHI, Russia - Two skiing sisters and a snowboard star fighting a broken rib gave Canada's Olympians the strong start they desired in Sochi. Canada earned a medal of every colour Saturday on the open...

Russia's Problems Are Bigger Than Hotel Rooms Without Doorknobs

Russia has real issues. But let's not distract ourselves from them and get bogged down by worrying about the accommodations of athletes who are doing exactly what they want to be doing for the month of February. Yeah, their facilities might blow, but they're accomplishing lifelong dreams in the process. The athletes, the fans, and the journalists are not the ones we have to worry about. We shouldn't fall for their tricks, like their need to take their frustration out on Russia by shaming them for the wrong things.

The IOC Is <em>Rich<em>

SOCHI, Russia - The International Olympic Committee has $932 million in financial reserves after adding $31.5 million in 2013.IOC President Thomas Bach confirmed the figure at a news conference follow...

Welcome to Russia, and Let the Games Begin

A small technical glitch happened when a giant snowflake failed to open to create the third ring on the top row of the five-ring Olympic logo. No biggie. Hey, in Vancouver the cauldron was complicated and Catriona Le May Doan sat there waiting to light it but it never came.