Wireless Code


Could an ISP Code of Conduct Curb Cybercrime in Canada?

With the cost of cybercrime in Canada on the rise my weekly technology law column reports that the Canadian government is quietly working behind-the-scenes to create a new Internet service provider code of conduct. If approved, the code would be technically be voluntary for Canadian ISPs, but the active involvement of government officials suggests that most large providers would feel pressured to participate.

Big Telecom Doesn't Like New Wireless Rules, So They're Suing

We have just received word that the federal Court of Appeal has officially granted Big Telecom permission to take Canada to court over new customer-friendly rules laid out in June by the CRTC. This means that Canada's three Big Telecom giants will appear before one of our highest courts and attempt to overturn important parts of the CRTC's new rules for your cell phone service.

The CRTC Hangs Up on Three Year Contracts

The CRTC released its much-anticipated consumer wireless code this morning. The headline-grabbing change is that the Commission has effectively brought three-year contracts to an end. The issue of contract length was the top issue raised by consumers, who argued that Canadian wireless contracts were longer than most other countries and that they represented a significant barrier to effective competition.

Rogers To CRTC: Take Your Time

GATINEAU, Que. — The CRTC is being urged to roll out its proposed wireless code in stages. Rogers Communications told a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission hearing that while so...