Wireless Spectrum Auction


Moore Signals More Wireless Competition

VANCOUVER - The federal government confirmed Thursday that a forthcoming wireless auction will reserve more than half of the new spectrum for carriers other than the Big Three.Industry Minister James...

Today's The Day

OTTAWA - The much-awaited results of Canada's latest wireless spectrum auction are about to be announced.Industry Minister James Moore says winners of the 700-megahertz auction will be disclosed durin...

Faster, Stronger Signal Up Grabs

OTTAWA - Bidding for a coveted piece of Canada's wireless market starts today.Experts say the 700 megahertz waves up for auction are particularly valuable because they allow cellphone signals to trave...

Don't Get Your Hopes Up

TORONTO - The lack of new foreign players means Tuesday's wireless auction likely won't bring in as much revenue as expected to federal coffers — or the increased competition that Canadian consumers w...

Will Verizon Spy With Its Canadian Eye?

The Harper government needs to explain to Canadians how it intends to review and address national security concerns related to Verizon Communications' entry into this country's wireless market. Verizon has been deeply involved in the world's biggest ever spying scandal, as revealed by former CIA contractor Edward Snowden.


You wouldn’t think of the Harper government as warriors fighting Big Business, but in the Great Telecom War of 2013, that’s the position they’re taking. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say they'...

Telus Wants Courts To Clear It All Up

MONTREAL - Telus is asking the courts to clarify the new rules for transferring radio wave licences between wireless carriers, which it says favours foreign buyers like big U.S. company Verizon.The Va...

Telus Sues Feds Over Wireless Policy

Telus Corp. is taking the federal government to court, saying it wants clarity on the country's wireless spectrum policy. Telus filed an application for judicial review in Federal Court on Monda...

Wireless Spectrum Auction Set

OTTAWA - Ottawa is putting highly sought-after spectrum for wireless devices on the auction block later this year in the hopes of fetching at least $900 million — but likely much more.The Conservative...