The Must-Dos In Door County, Wisconsin

For a refreshing getaway from urban living, you won't be left wanting for anything when you head to Door County, Wisconsin, for a vacation. You've got your fresh air and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in it. Here are your essentials of what to do when visiting this pretty peninsula in the Midwest.
Brendan Nahmias

Oak Creek: We Should All Be Less Ignorant About Sikhs in Canada

About a year ago today tragedy befell the Sikh community in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. It claimed six lives and left others with emotional and physical scars. As I watched coverage on CNN, they eventually dragged out an "expert" to explain to those watching what a Sikh is. The explanation left much to be desired. I chose to educate myself as best I could, so I could better understand not just Sikhism, but my Sikh friends, about whose religion I knew relatively little. There has been a lot of talk over the years about how multicultural Canada is. It's often expounded as one of our virtues, but what we haven't always addressed is how little we know about each another.
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The NFL's Always Had a Referee Problem

Okay, so the NFL replacement refs are terrible. Missed calls everywhere. Questionable holding penalties that have decided games. Let's be real here: as awful as it's been, it's always been terrible. How many years have you sat on your couch and screamed at the TV because those Foot Locker employees missed an obvious penalty? How terrible are referees, in general, and across all sports?