Women In Power


Why A Gender-Balanced Cabinet Matters

I do not recall anyone questioning the merits of male ministers being appointed as the vast majority of cabinets -- forever. Were all those stellar choices under Stephen Harper (Julian Fantino, Vic Toews, and Pierre Poilievre to name a few) just so unquestionably well-prepared for the job that the matter never came up? Or is it beyond obvious that questions of merit never surfaced when the expected men were put in their usual spots -- known as positions of power?

Lean In Until You Fall Over, Ladies -- You Still Won't Find Gender Balance

The Lean In zeitgeist says individual women can take personal responsibility for failure and act to achieve success. Meanwhile, recent research says there is an unconscious bias in corporate Canada that prevents equally qualified women from attaining the same level of success as men. The Lean In school is decidedly wrong. In short, both men and women need to lean in to create equity in business. It's the only way to achieve balance.

Hey Men, Women's Conflicts Aren't "Cat Fights"

One thing I have noticed is that men always minimize and refuse to take seriously conflict between women. When men conflict, it is understood that there can be serious political or intellectual disagreements, or that injustice did occur, or that real slights have been experienced. Conflict between women, however, is assumed to be trivial and due to "cattiness" or "jealousy" and that the women ought to just get over it and stop being silly.