Women In Sports

Gregory Shamus via Getty Images

Advancing Women's Leadership In Sports

While getting equal pay is not a goal that can be reached overnight, it's critical to keep all channels of communication open with both female and male coaches and work through such challenges through honest discussions in a supportive environment. Encourage women on your team or in your department to ask for they want and to build a case for themselves based on merit and reaching set goals. It's important to make the ask.

NFL Cheerleaders Are Ra-Ra-Raging Over Labour Laws

Give me an F! E! D! and a U! and a P! They're a big part of the game day experience but NFL cheerleaders are no longer keeping to the sidelines when it comes to their treatment on and off the field. Multiple former NFL cheerleaders have come forward in 2014 to tell their stories -- often in the form of lawsuits -- of harsh working conditions, peanuts for pay, and demeaning behaviour rules.

When Men Lose, Women Get Blamed

Tiger Woods' girlfriend Lindsey Vonn isn't the first victim of the trend of faulting women for men's poor performances in sport. Even when male athletes deny women have had a negative impact on their performance, the finger pointing nonetheless continues. It's all part of a male-dominated world of sport.