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Why Many Women Won't Propose, Even On A Leap Year

Collette Gee | Posted 03.03.2017 | Canada Living
Collette Gee

Leap Day is traditionally the one day where women are permitted without judgement, to ask for a man's hand in marriage. One might think that after decades of traditions that bound women into these so called identity roles, women would be elated to be freed up from one more gender restraint.

Hey Ladies, What's Stopping YOU From Proposing?

Colette Kenney | Posted 09.10.2012 | Canada Living
Colette Kenney

So many women ask the same question: why won't he propose? Well, this week, a man wrote in and flipped the script -- hey ladies, what's stopping your from proposing? (Or for that matter, asking men out on dates, and paying for that date?) We've come a long way from the 50s, maybe we should start acting like it...