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B.C. Affordable Housing Plan Barely Passes For Band-Aid Solution

Dermod Travis | Posted 12.01.2016 | Canada British Columbia
Dermod Travis

Hate to be one of those folk that B.C. Housing Minister Rich Coleman believes has nothing better to do than get up and whine every day, but the B.C. government's affordable housing plan announced last week falls short. Sorry, someone had to say it.

The Critical Steps a Woman Must Take Before Leaving an Abusive Partner

Sandra Hawken Diaz | Posted 12.02.2014 | Canada Living
Sandra Hawken Diaz

If you are a friend or family member of a woman living with abuse the best thing you can do is to believe her, offer her non-judgemental support and a listening ear and to help her connect with her local women's shelter or similar community agency. Most of all always put her safety first. Never talk about the abuse in front of her abuser and unless she specifically asks for it, never give her materials about domestic abuse or leave information through voice messages or emails that might be discovered by her abuser.

Why You Shouldn't Watch the Ray Rice Video

Sandra Hawken Diaz | Posted 11.10.2014 | Canada Living
Sandra Hawken Diaz

Every time someone clicks on that video we re-victimize Janay Palmer. Every time someone watches it, we are voyeuristic bystanders to her abuse. The real question is: why would we want to watch a woman be violated, humiliated, devalued, brutalized and abused?

The Shoebox Project Shines a Light on Ottawa's Best Side

Caroline Mulroney Lapham | Posted 02.01.2014 | Canada Impact
Caroline Mulroney Lapham

On any given day in Ottawa you can find the private sector focused on doing its thing, the decision makers on Parliament Hill locked in their latest battle, the media preoccupied with the news of the day and the lobbyists working away behind the scenes on their own interests. But as this holiday season approaches, an amazing thing is pulling all of the various players on and off the Hill together.

Hope Is Greater Than Fear

Sandra Hawken Diaz | Posted 07.01.2013 | Canada Impact
Sandra Hawken Diaz

The most dangerous time for an abused women is when she attempts to leave her abuser. And although Canada has more than 400 emergency shelters, in some communities women and their children are regularly turned away because the shelters are full.

New Funding For Women's Centre

CP | Wendy Cox, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.18.2013 | Canada British Columbia

VANCOUVER - Kate Gibson needs a lot of advice.After spending years helping to run a widely-respected drop-in service for sex-trade workers on Vancouve...

Holiday Shoebox Drive: Helping Those in Need

Caroline Mulroney Lapham | Posted 01.13.2013 | Canada Impact
Caroline Mulroney Lapham

Driving home from dinner last fall, my sister-in-law Jessica told me about her mother's holiday shoebox drive. For many years, Veronica has been asking her friends in Montreal to fill a shoebox with small gift items, which she collects and delivers to a women's shelter. Jessica wanted to do the same thing in Toronto for the Red Door Family Shelter and I immediately offered to get involved.