Woodland Caribou


First Nation Unleashes Caribou Plan

VANCOUVER - A British Columbia First Nation has published its own recovery plan for a herd of endangered woodland caribou, in the absence of a federal government plan.The West Moberly band says the So...

Last Place You'll See Woodland Caribou?

OTTAWA - The iconic image of the woodland caribou has graced one side of Canadian quarters since 1937 and environmentalists are worried that may be the only way to see this endangered species in the f...

Woodland Caribou Are at a Crossroads

One endangered herd in Alberta's tar sands region is at great risk of disappearing. Clear-cutting and no-holds-barred oil and gas exploration and development have affected more than 60 per cent of the habitat of the Red Earth caribou herd, leaving little undisturbed forest where it can feed, breed, and roam.