World Oceans Day


Oceans Of Reasons To Protect What We Love

June 8 marks World Oceans Day, but what if we celebrated oceans every day? Covering more than 70 per cent of Earth's surface, oceans, more than anything, define our small blue planet. We should celebrate their complex and vibrant ecosystems, life-sustaining services, calming effects and unimaginable diversity, much of which we have not yet even discovered.
Michael Eudenbach via Getty Images

Striving for Healthy Oceans on World Oceans Day 2015

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been widely recognized as an important part of keeping our oceans healthy. Although there are many different definitions of what an MPA is, one of the best explanations is an ocean area where human activities are restricted or managed in some way. Designation of such areas are known to contribute to the improved health, integrity and productivity of marine ecosystems and can help address biodiversity losses and conserve ecologically significant areas.

Oceans Day Still Belongs to Canadians

World Oceans Day, celebrated across the globe on June 8, is Canada's brainchild. The Canadian government proposed the concept in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. This makes Monday's news of Canada's significant ocean protection shortcomings, courtesy of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's report, all the more hard to swallow.