Xl Foods Recall


XL Foods Beef Is Doing Just Fine

OTTAWA - The fallout from a massive tainted-beef recall was still being felt Tuesday as the Harper government passed legislation aimed at making the food system safer.Canadian beef sales, both domesti...

New E. Coli Case Related To Beef Recall

EDMONTON - A new case of E. coli has been linked to the XL Foods Inc. plant in Alberta at the centre of a massive beef recall.The Public Health Agency of Canada says the latest case is in Quebec, brin...

Celebrating World Animal Month by Learning Lessons from XL Beef Recall

Since 2004, the XL plant has gone from slaughtering 2,400 cows per day to 4,000. It should be no surprise that many workers have been decrying the massive increase in production line speed. Not only does speeding up production lines have terrible consequences for animal welfare, such as failing to properly stun animals before slaughter, it may also have serious consequences for food safety in this country.

XL Foods Plant Reopens

EDMONTON - Production has resumed at the Alberta plant that has been at the heart of a massive beef recall over an E. coli outbreak.About 2,000 workers were back on the job on Monday.Mayor Martin Shie...