'Morale Is Good'

More than 2,000 workers are back on the job Monday in Brooks, as the city's biggest employer, the XL Foods meat-packing plant, resumes operations. "Morale is good," said Doug O'Halloran, president of...

It's About Quantity, Not Quality At Troubled Meat Plant, Says Doherty

I love beef. Burgers, steaks, roasts, tacos and even meatloaf. As an Albertan, I can proudly say I eat some of the finest beef in the entire world. My dad has been a Red Seal Chef for close to 40 years, and I'm not too shabby in a kitchen myself. So did we feel bad when we had throw out a ton of beef we bought on sale from Wal-Mart, because it might be contaminated by E.Coli? Yes we did.

Wildrose Leader's HUGE Twitter Mistake

EDMONTON - Alberta's Opposition leader says she was wrong to suggest on Twitter that beef recalled over E. coli concerns could be cooked properly and fed to the poor.The Wildrose party's Danielle Smit...
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The Tainted Tweet: Let them Eat Meat!

Certainly Smith did not create the XL Food crisis nor hunger. What she did create however, is the digital political petri dish for those issues to come together to breed the perfect storm. The volatile combination of being the leader of the opposition, a nationwide food crisis, epic associated chaos in the form of millions of pounds of recalled meat and then add a deeply revealing, albeit unintentionally insensitive comment and voilà, you have the equivalent of a social media-driven bench brawl.

USDA Doesn't Want Tainted Meat Spoiling Trade

Next week will be the first Canadian check USDA has conducted in over three years and it comes in the middle of the Canada's biggest meat recall in history, so this portends to be a big deal. The fact that Canada has not had an audit visit in over three years immediately sent red flags up for me. It was another example of how Canada has received special treatment from USDA over the years that I believe can jeopardize the health and safety of U.S. consumers. With that as a historical backdrop and with the massive XL Foods recalls still on everyone's minds, what are the Canadian and U.S. governments proposing? Deregulation of the border inspection system. Food safety is not an area that should be deregulated. History dictates that we should strengthen and not weaken the food safety inspection system. Trade should not trump food safety.