Why I Love Shooting Bears (With My Camera)

But within communities of passionate wildlife advocates, few topics are as divisive as the perception of wildlife photography. And for good reason. Yes, at times wildlife photography can hurt the subjects we're trying to capture. But seeing bears in the wild is a remarkable experience and positive bear (and wildlife) encounters are critical to creating a culture that appreciates and supports balanced conservation.

No, They're NOT Fleeing A Supervolcano

Rumours of an imminent supervolcanic eruption have been greatly exaggerated. A video posted to YouTube on March 20 showed a herd of bison running down a road in Yellowstone National Park, sparking fea...

Pine Beetles' Move Up Threatens Western Forests: Study

Scientists behind a new study say a warming world has not only made it easier for the mountain pine beetle to invade new and defenseless ecosystems, but also to better withstand winter weather that is milder and erupt in large outbreaks capable of killing entire stands of trees, no matter their composition.