Young Athletes

Winning Off the Field: Teaching Athletes Skills to Manage their Lives

Kara Lang | Posted 09.11.2013 | Canada Impact
Kara Lang

Cultivating off-the-field skills can be a tough subject for emerging athletes, who may see time developing non-sport related abilities as akin to a "backup plan." It's easy to become consumed by training and competing. But our emerging elite athletes deserve the opportunity to prepare for everything life will throw at them.

Losing Weight and Gaining Balance

Jordan Cieciwa | Posted 04.17.2013 | Canada Living
Jordan Cieciwa

Doing things to improve your balance will also ensure you are healthy into your old age. Weight loss really is simple in concept. Eat healthy, fresh, local foods. Make sure that the products you chose spend as little time in storage as possible. Then, once you fuel your body, make sure you get out and enjoy the world around you. I call it fitness to make memories..

Early Sports Specialization for Children Does Not Guarantee Results

Stacy Irvine, D.C., M.Sc. | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Living
Stacy Irvine, D.C., M.Sc.

In my practice I see 12-year-old AAA hockey players with chronic injuries, most often related to muscle imbalances and weakness. These cases further emphasize the idea that children at young ages should be working on developing as many movement experiences as possible.